• It's About the African Woman

    All AWLO projects and activities are focused around the areas that will improve the status of women in the continent

  • African Women in Leadership Conference

    The highlight of the organisations activities is the annual African Women in Leadership Conference where the solidarity and cohesion of the membership will be enhanced, actions implemented during the year discussed and shared and goals and objectives for the coming year articulated.

    The last edition (2012) was held in Banjul, Gambia in partnership with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and in collaboration with the Government of Gambia.

  • Objectives

    The AWLO seeks to advance the status of women in leadership in the African continent by creating an empowering platform and harnessing the synergies of alliance.

  • Membership

    The African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO) is a non-profit organisation with a membership that is open to all women leaders across Africa.

  • Vision

    AWLO envisions a continent in which women take their rightful place as home and nation builders with equal opportunities and equal access in all areas of existence.

  • Be Empowered!

    The AWLO powers projects across Africa, with the aim of empowering women with what they need to succeed in business and politics.

The African Women in leadership Conference

The African Women in Leadership Conference (AWLC) is the flagship annual event organised by the African Women in Leadership Organisation.

The aims and objectives of the annual event include:

• Fostering an alliance between West African women in leadership positions.

• Challenging African women to aspire to take up leadership positions in their respective countries.

• Supporting women in leadership positions to carry out their duties and responsibilities diligently

• Encouraging inspirational leadership amongst African women and focusing on their positions as role models and mentors.

• Creating awareness for women in leadership positions for proper conduct in public office.

• Serving as platform for dialogue for positive change and creating a conducive platform for networking, solidarity and cohesion amongst for self development.

• Expanding synergies in business and educational opportunities from the participating countries.

• Providing a forum for social interactions and recreation in the light of their normal busy and hectic schedules.

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